If you’re reading this..

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I’m going to keep my identity anonymous, if that’s okay (and if it’s not, I’m sorry). I’m a young woman in America, dealing with life in college and everything else that living in today’s world entails. I really hope someone is reading this and I’m not just taking to myself. Though, I guess that would be okay, as long as I have an outlet, a place I can use as a brain dump. I need a place to express my feelings and let things go. I have recently found a love for poetry and it’s completely different than what I’m my major is.. so this will help tell me figure out if writing is actually what I want to do. That’s pretty much the gist of this.. I can’t promise things will be happy or that my writing will be exquisite, but it’s worth a shot.. Also, I will take about a lot of personal things, so I’m warning you now that things may get a bit depressing. You’ve been warned. **Names have been changed.**

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